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Times have changed. Today, businesses don't just need a copier or two, they need total document solutions, which is what Simile specializes in.

Celebrating our 14th year in Charlotte, Simile Imaging Solutions is an independent, locally-based company so we can be more flexible and responsive than our multi-national competitors who deal with layers of red tape.

In fact, about 95% of our clients come to us following frustrations with our competition. But we have an unusually high retention rate. Why? Because Simile is semi-obsessed with customer service and solutions. It also doesn't hurt that our technology partner, Kyocera, produces the most advanced, environmentally-friendly document imaging equipment in the world. Or, that we offer state of the art security and disaster recovery solutions like DocuWare, among others.

Check us out. You'll begin to understand why we think our new theme line says it all: Beyond Duplication.

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